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My Story So Far....

Hi!! My name is Angela Corley

I am a full time mother first and foremost to two beautiful children. I live and breathe for them!

Photography has always been a passion of mine. After I had my daughter I decided to turn it into a business, and that was now over 8 years ago. I search for inspiration everywhere I go. I see the world through a frame. I always notice the perfect lightening/clouds. I love light and ever since I became a photographer I have never looked at it the same. Having children is God’s greatest gift. I live my life through my children’s eyes and they teach me something new everyday.

Let’s get more personal…

I love chocolate chip/banana pancakes, horseback riding in the mountains, TRAVELING, wine, canoeing, gardening, shoes, movies & the fact that my baby boy giggles everytime I take his shirt off!


Most of my business comes from referrals; my happy customers. I'd be grateful if you'd help me spread the word about Glitzz Photography by telling your friends about ME!!


I truly appreciate all of the encouragement I have received over the years, this is all because of you!